Premium Features

Red Waypoint Red Waypoint PRO
Plan Offline (Create Missions on Map View)
Manage Missions (Save, Load and Delete)
Load KML/KMZ Missions
First Person View
Camera Configuration
Download SD files
Waypoint Mission
Orbit Mission
Virtual Stick Mission
GPS Follow Me Mission
Image Tracking Mission
Tripod Mode
Follow Terrain Mode
Cinematic Mode
Advanced Drone Configuration
Waypoint Insertion Modes
Vertical Grid
Double Grid
Altitude Transition Option: Stepped mode
Altitude Transition Option: Ramp mode
Action After Finished Option: Return Home
Action After Finished Option: Land
Action After Finished Option: Loop
Heading Mode Option: Automatic
Heading Mode Option: Initial
Heading Mode Option: Remote Control
Heading Mode Option: Custom
Heading Mode Option: Focus POI
Waypoint Actions
Mission Tools (Reverse route, Starting Waypoint)
Mission Tools (Overwrite Waypoints Configuration)
Mission information
Auto Locate mode
Pre-Delay Start Mission
Manual and Automatic Gimbal Mode
AI Detection
Insert Waypoints from Camera View
Insert POIs from Camera View
Create FlatLand Missions
MAX number of waypoints



MAX FlatLand number of Photos



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