1. Plan your mission. (Recommended in Offline Mode)
Adjust the waypoint default parameters (GPS coordinates) taking into account the height.
Add Waypoints (the blue eye) for creating the desired path.
You can add Waypoints in several geometry patterns (lines, circles, square, grid). Click over a single waypoint to change its height. In addition adjust the heading (0º NORTH, 90º EAST, 180º SOUTH, 270º WEST).
Another parameters is the gimbal (point forward with 0 degrees or downward 90 degrees). When the mission is ready save it.

Add a POI (Point Of Interest) and specify its altitude if you want the aircraft to mantain focus on that coordinate. (Set Mission heading to POI and set the Gimbal to Automatic mode).

2. Fly your mission.
Connect your Spark with your remote Controller and your Android to the WiFi.
Enter in FLY mode and load the mission created.
If your drone has GPS coordinates it will appear the green eye (HOME POINT).
If you want to check your mission before launching, you can use the simulator “S” Button.
Before executing the mission you must take off (With the up arrow button).
Now you can fly manually. If you want to execute the mission and fly autonomously click on the PLAY button.
PAUSE button will stop your drone, and for resuming the mission just click again PLAY. The STOP button ends the mission.
Adjust some parameters for the mission such as the drone speed, action after finished and the drone heading. Set a POI Point Of Interest (The Orange point) and the drone will point to that coordinate.

In Online Mode you can also create follow me mission. Activate your Android GPS device and the aircraft will mantain the distance from you.

In addition you can create an orbit mission, set a POI or use the Android GPS for centering the orbit, and set the desired radius. You can change the radius and the aircraft speed even if the mission is started.

3. Record your videos.
Go to the first person view, and Long Click the screen, you will have a full camera view. Adjust your camera parameters and focus on your videos.
Play with the gimbal! Adjust the speed movement and control it manually, you will create amazing videos! You can also use the Gimbal in automatic mode for mantaining centered the POI.

Use the autoshot functions for acquiring images automatically at each waypoint. You can also specify an interval time period for taking consecutively images and use them for creating timelapses or for photogrametry purposes.



In this mode the APP needs to be connected to the drone. The user can browse the images and the videos stored on the SD card of the drone.

Previsualize, download or delete the images/video files.

Home Point
Waypoint reached
Point Of Interest
No waypoint selected
Clear all waypoints
Clear last waypoint
Simulator ON
Simulator OFF
Auto Take Off
Auto Land
Cancel Auto Land
Go Home
Cancel Go Home
Start Mission
Pause Mission
Stop Mission
Virtual Heading
Insert Point
Insert Line
Insert Rectangle
Insert Circle
Insert Grid