In this mode Red Waypoint APP does not need to be connected to the drone.

  • Manage your missions: Create, save, load, edit, and delete missions (Good for saving battery)
  • Navigate through the mission zone to retrieve the map (Good when flying without internet)
  • Locate your Android device on the map if GPS is enabled (Good to start planning at your location)
  • Create paths using point, lines, rectangles, circular and grid patterns
  • Configure the mission options
  • View the route information (Number of waypoints, speed, distance and estimated time)


In this mode the APP needs to be connected to the drone. In Online mode all Offline functions are also available. In addition it incorporates the following features:

  • First Person View: Visualize in real time the camera view, record videos take pictures configure your camera and gimbal parameters
  • Simulate your mission: Check and validate your flight plan. Set the starting latitude and longitude coordinates of the starting home point or activate the Android GPS to set your current location coordinates
  • Fly autonomously Start/Pause/Stop mission
  • Fly manually in P-GPS mode, Tripod mode, Follow terrain mode and Cinematic mode.
  • Execute Automatic missions such as Waypoint Mission, Orbit Mission, Follow Me Mission, Virtual Stick Mission and Image Tracking Mission.
  • Go Home, TakeOff and Land at one click
  • Locate the drone on the map
  • Receive drone state information
  • Receive telemetry from the drone
  • WiFi and USB OTG connection supported


In this mode the APP needs to be connected to the drone. The user can browse the images and the videos stored inside the SD card of the drone.

Previsualize, download and delete the images/video files.


Drone Speed

Adjust the drone speed before and during the mission by setting the desired speed in km/h. The maximum Speed is 32Km/h

Flight Mode

  • Automatic: Selects the automatic mission mode
  • Manual: Selects the manual mission mode

Autonomous Mission type

  • Waypoints: Aircraft follows a path planning created by the waypoints.
  • Orbit: Aircraft start making circles around a subject or a POI.
  • Follow Me: Aircraft mission to follow the GPS coordinate of the Android device.
  • Virtual Stick: Control the rotation, elevation, speed and direction of the aircraft with the Android device.
  • Camera Tracking: Select your subject on the camera and start automatically following it.

Manual modes

  • Tripod: Reduce the joystick control sensitivity
  • Terrain Follow: Mantain the same altitude from the ground
  • Cinematic: Reduce the yaw rotation speed and smooth aircraft  accelerations

Waypoint mission modes

  • Automatic: Point to the next waypoint. This mode is secure because the drone is always flying forward and it can detect obstacles and avoid them
  • Initial: Maintains the initial heading of the drone when starting the mission. Maintain your perspective and fly to all directions!
  • POI: Points to the Point Of Interest set on the map. Set Gimbal to Automatic mode to adjust automatically the gimbal angle and point at the desired POI altitude.
  • Virtual Heading (VH): Using the circular joystick on the screen the heading is controlled manually
  • Custom: Automatically points to the next waypoint heading setting. This option offers a flexible heading for your needs. Set Gimbal to Automatic mode to adjust automatically the gimbal to the custom gimbal angle.

Waypoint mission – Altitude transition mode

  • Stepped: Drone first reaches altitude and then starts horizontal movement.
  • Ramp: Drone starts going from point A to point B increasing the altitude proportionally.

Waypoint mission – Action after mission finish

  • None: Drone stops and maintains the final position and attitude
  • Go Home: Drone starts going home automatically
  • Auto Land: Drone starts landing
  • Loop: Repeat the same mission without stopping creating loops

Advanced waypoint configuration

  • Reverse mission: If ON it switches the route by reverting the waypoint numbers
  • Start at: Specify the desired waypoint to start the mission
  • Delay timer: Pre delay counterback timer before starting the mission

Gimbal control

  • Manual: Control the gimbal manually with the seekbar, adjust the speed/time of the gimbal movement.
  • Automatic: Automates your gimbal position by assigning to each waypoint a custom angle. It automates gimbal angle when using POI or Custom mode.



The Heigh distance of the waypoint in meters.


The Point Of Interest Waypoint number to look at.


The heading angle of the waypoint in degrees.


The gimbal angle of the waypoint in degrees.