Plan Offline

In this mode Red Waypoint APP does not need to be connected to the drone.

  • Manage your missions: Create, save, load, edit, and delete missions
  • Export/Import your missions file from your Android device to your computer
  • Navigate through the mission zone to retrieve the map when flying without internet
  • Locate yourself on the map if GPS is enabled
  • Insert/Delete/Move Waypoints, POIs and Home Point to create your mission
  • View the route information (Number of waypoints, speed, distance, estimated time and actions)

Waypoints Mission

  • Create your mission by setting and configuring the path by using Waypoints and set Points of Interests to orientate the camera drone
  • Configure the default Waypoint settings
  • Configure each Waypoint settings independently
  • Insert Actions on each Waypoint such as Speed Changes, Start/Stop recording or Pausing the mission.
  • Create paths using point, lines, rectangles, circular and grid patterns
  • Advanced grid modes: Vertical Grid, Double Grid
  • Draw your path on the map
  • Orbit Mission

    Fly in circles around a Point of Interest or around your Android device:

  • Set the radius, change it in real-time using the map
  • Set the height, change it in real-time using the Remote Controller
  • Set Gimbal to Auto-mode and focus automatically on the POI
  • Configure the heading mode and the orbit direction
  • GPS Follow Me Mission

    Fly following your Android GPS device

  • Virtual Stick Mission: Fly using your configured patterns such as altitude speed, horizontal speed, horizontal direction and rotation speed
  • Camera Tracking Mission: Fly following a target selected from the camera
  • Virtual Stick Mission:

    Fly using a configured flight pattern:

  • Altitude speed
  • Horizontal speed
  • Horizontal direction angle
  • Rotation speed
  • Image Tracking Mission:

    Follow a subject automatically by using the Camera Tracking feature on the FPV

  • Trace Mode: Tracks the subject at a constant distance
  • Profile Mode: The aircraft tracks the subject at constant angle and distance from the side
  • Spotlight Mode: The aircraft will not trace a subject, but it keeps the camera pointing at the subject during flight
  • Hand Gesture: Control the aircraft behaviour using gestures
  • QuickShots Modes: Dronie, Rocket, Helix, Circle, Boomerang, Asteroid
  • Note: Not all drone models support all the image tracking options

    Manual Flight Modes

    Fly manually and Use your Remote Controller. You can fly using this different modes:

  • Position Mode: Fly in Normal Mode using your GPS as navigation system
  • Attitude Mode: Fly without GPS like indoor environments
  • Sport Mode: Enable maximum speed
  • Tripod Mode: Fly with slow control
  • Cinematic Mode: Fly using cinematic dynamics
  • Follow Terrain Mode: Fly mantaining an altitude from the ground
  • Real-Time Control

    Take full control of your Automatic Waypoint Missions while executing a Flight in Real-Time

  • No need to upload mission to the aircraft
  • Change Speed in Real Time
  • Control your Heading with the Remote Controller
  • Control your Gimbal Smoothly in Manual mode
  • Move Waypoints
  • Adjust Altitude
  • Change Mission Parameters
  • Modular Design

    Configure the Waypoint mission options:

  • Drone Speed
  • Mission Modes
  • Altitude transition Modes
  • Action After Finish
  • Reverse Route
  • Mission Starting Delay
  • Select waypoint number to start mission. Useful when re-launching a mission

  • Configure your Drone Settings:

  • Max Altitude
  • Max Distance
  • Vision Positioning
  • Obstacle detection
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Gimbal Control: Automatic and Manual modes
  • Autoshot

  • Take images automatically at a certain rate
  • Take images automatically when arriving at a waypoint
  • Obtain a .TXT file with the image azquisition options. Number of image, Time Acquired, Position of the image and the Orientation of the image
  • Simulation

  • Simulate your mission to validate your planning
  • Check and optimize your mission before flying
  • Needs to be connected to the drone to simulate the aircrat dynamics
  • Pre-flight Check list

    Verify the Drone Status before flying:

  • Ready to Fly Status
  • Magnetic interference alarm
  • Sensors state information
  • Sensors calibration
  • Remote Controller Battery alarm
  • Drone Battery alarm
  • SD Card status
  • Drone limits set: Max altitude, Max distance
  • AI Image Detection

    Recognize automatically elements on the FPV screen:

  • Persons
  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Other features

  • Full FPV screen Mode
  • View CrossHair option to center image
  • Create your mission while flying using the FPV camera. Build your mission using the camera view with the drone position and orientation to create Waypoints and setting POIs
  • SD Media file Manager. View, Delete and Download images and videos from the SD card. Transfer the media files between the aircraft and the smartphone.
  • Auto-Locate option to move automatically the map while the aircraft is in the middle
  • Flat-Land Option to shot images at different perspectives to create amazing images