1. If the Remote Controller looses connection with the aircraft, will the aircraft keep following the waypoints or will it return home?

By security issues, the aircraft will not continue the mission. By default it will RTH (Return To Home). But the aircraft action when loosing signal can be changed in the Advanced Configuration, changing the Fail Safe Mode to this different options: Return To Home, Land or Hover in place. We always recommend to use the Return To Home mode setting when loosing RC signal.

2. Is my DJI Aircraft compatible with Red Waypoint APP?

Red Waypoint supports most of the DJI drones, but not all are compatible. Check the updated drone list from DJI SDK Mobile Developer WebSite

3. Is OTG supported with Red Waypoint?


4. What happen if DJI spark disconnected/losses connection during waypoint mission?

Same as FAQ n1. The aircraft will not continue the mission.

5. What is the process of connecting Red Waypoint to the DJI spark?

1- Be shure to close other APPs that uses DJI connectivity (as DJI GO… ) as it can cause failures on Red Waypoint.

2- Start the Red Waypoint App. The first time (only once) make shure you have internet connection to register your Android device to the DJI SDK. Once registered you should see a red background screen.

3- Power On the RC (Remote Controller) and the Aircraft. Wait until the LED state on the RC is green (So RC and aircraft are linked).

4- Connect the Android device to the RC.

4.1 – Connect via WiFi, connect your smartphone to the RC WiFi. Once connected succesfully the Red Waypoint APP should recognize the aircraft model and the Online button will be enabled (FLY!).

4.2 – Connect using OTG cable (Make shure that the device is not connected to the RC WiFi). The first time your device will ask for USB permisions, please accept them for the connectivity. Some OTG cables are only one direction so make sure to conect it the right way. Once connected succesfully the Red Waypoint APP should recognize the aircraft model and the Online button will be enabled (FLY!).

6. The App doesn’t show up in the playstore why? 

It is a matter of compatibility issues. The minimum Android version needed to run Red Waypoint is 5.0 (Lollipop). For some HW devices, such as the SmartController, it won't show up on Google Play Store, need to get the APK file to install it.

7. Is there any way to collect data from the flight records txt files that your app saves

In your Android device look at the following folder "/DJI/red.waypoint.redwaypointpro/" for the flight logs.
Check this website to convert the Log data

8. Will the drone automatically return to home when battery is low? Is that calculated based on distance to home point?

Yes, when connecting only there is the time bar with the battery time remaining. There are two battery thresholds, the first one is RTH (normally configured at 30% of remaining battery), if you cancel the automating RTH there is a second threshold (normally configured at 15% of remaining battery) and the aircraft will start Landing.

9. The Google Maps has very low resolution and is not updating when moving.

Check out your Internet connection. If there is no available, first you need to enter in Offline mode (with internet connection) and navigate throught the zone you want to fly, move the map and make zoom around the place. Later on connect to Online mode and the map will be available (it is in the Android device cache)  with high resolution without internet connection.

10. When installing Red Waypoint APP asks for permission to make and manage phone calls, why is this needed?

It is required for the DJI SDK to work. Red Waypoint uses the DJI SDK to connect to DJI drones.
The DJI SDK uses this permission to identify your mobile device when registering the app with their servers (upon first start). It is not used to make calls, but android calls it that way.

11. It possible to change to FCC when flying in a CE regulation country?

Red Waypoint will automatically ask to the user the need to change the connectivity configuration according to the country regulations. It is the user responsability to accept or cancel it.

12. Looking at the phone I can’t see the images and videos. Where are they stored?

The images and videos are stored inside the SD card of the Aircraft. Enter in the media mode to transfer the files to the Android device or extract the SD card from the aircraft and extract them using a computer.

13. How can I import a mission to the APP

For Android versions older than v10 Missions are stored in the following folder "/MissionPlanner/Missions/"
For Android versions v10 or newer, missions are stored inside the Android device in the following folder "/data/waypoint.redwaypointpro/Missions/"
The Missions are stored in ASCII using a .TXT file format. You can edit your missions from a computer using a text file editor, just make sure to follow the standard txt mission format.
Copy and paste Mission files on that folder and Red Waypoint will recognize them.

14. Where can I get the telemetry associated to the acquired images

When acquiring images using autoshot, a .TXT file format is generated with the telemetry data asociated to each image captured.
Using Android versions older than v10 Images Logs are stored in the following folder "/MissionPlanner/Logs/"
For Android versions v10 or newer, Images Logs are stored inside the Android device in the following folder "/data/waypoint.redwaypointpro/Logs/"

15. I get this Warning: "MAX Vertical Speed"

This Alert can occur when flying waypoints in Ramp Mode.
The reason is that the drone capability of the vertical speed is normally lower than the horizontal speed, please look at the technical specifications of your drone to see these speed limits.
This means that the drone can not perform the Ramp at the horizontal speed set, so missions parameters should be changed if you want a continuous path flight.
To solve this, you can do the following:
1) Decrease horizontal speed, the mission speed.
2) Move the waypoints position, separating the distance between them to decrease the Ramp angle.
3) Decrease the relative altitude between the waypoints.

16. Is Red Waypoint only for video?

Not necessarily. Red waypoint is an APP for flying your aircraft autonomously creating your own missions. You can enjoy flying, take images, record videos and some people use it for photogrametry applications.