Mission Planner and Autopilot APP for DJI Drones

Plan, Execute and Focus on your your Camera



Plan Offline

Plan your mission flight in Offline Mode at home and save battery. Manage your missions by Creating, Saving, Loading, Deleting and Exporting/Importing missions using TXT files. Create paths using Points, Lines, Rectangles, Circles and Grid patterns

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Waypoints Mission

Create your mission by setting and configuring the path by using Waypoints and set Points of Interests to orientate the camera drone. Insert Actions on each Waypoint such as Speed Changes, Start/Stop recording or Pausing the mission.

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Automatic Missions

Fly using advanced Automatic Flight modes such as Waypoint Missions, Orbit Missions, Follow your Android Device by GPS Tracking Mission, Configure Flight patterns using Virtual Stick Missions. You can also fly with your Remote Controller with several Manual Modes such as Sport Mode, Tripod Mode, Cinematic Mode and Follow Terrain Mode.

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Real-Time Control

Take full control of your Automatic Waypoint Missions while executing a Flight in Real-Time without the need of Pausing or Stopping the mission. Move the Gimbal with the Remote Controller, change the Drone Speed, Add/Delete/Configure the Waypoints and Points Of Interests such as changing the position or the altitude.

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Modular Design

Many Settings are available on the APP. Configure your Mission Options such as the Speed, the heading mode, altitude transition mode, action after finish mode. Configure also your Drone Settings, the Gimbal control, the Autoshot feature and the AI detection.

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And many more features

Simulation Feature to validate your mission plans before flying, Pre-flight Check List option to verify the drone status before flying, FPV mission creation to create Waypoint Missions using the drone position and orientation and a SD Media file viewer and transfer between the aircraft and the smartphone.

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Mission Modes

Waypoint, Orbit, GPS Tracking, Virtual Stick, Tripod, Cinematic, Follow Terrain, Manual


Capture images from the camera at a specifyed rate for Mapping or Hyperlapse purposes

Artificial Intelligence

Real-Time Automatic Object Detection and recognition on FPV

Image Tracking

Follow a subject automatically by using the Camera Tracking feature on the FPV

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